FAQs for Prospective Parents

Q. When can I register my child?

A. As soon as possible after birth.

Q. Should I register at other schools or does registering at other schools prejudice the application?

A. Many parents register for more than one school. We encourage you to do this as Broomfield House School is a popular choice and we cannot guarantee a place at the time of registration.

Q. Is there a registration fee and is it refundable?

A. The registration fee is £50 which is non-refundable.

Q. If my child attends Kew Montessori or St Margaret's Montessori do they get priority for entry to Broomfield?

Yes. We give priority to children of existing Broomfield families, children and grandchildren of former Broomfield pupils and to the pupils who currently attend Kew Montessori and St Margaret's Montessori.

Q. Do you require a child to be assessed or take a test to gain a place?

A. We are a non-selective school for entry into our early years classes. For occasional places further up the school we carry out an assessment to ascertain a child's level of ability, we may suggest your child spends a trial day at the school and parents are required to meet the Head.

Q. Does the school have any religious affiliations?

A. We are a non-denominational school.

Q. Do you require a deposit to secure a place?

A. We ask for a deposit of £1,250. If you leave within three years, the deposit is not refunded. If you leave after three years, the deposit is refunded less any outstanding charges.

Q. At what age can children join Broomfield House School?

A. Our main intake is into Pre-Kindergarten when children are three years old and Kindergarten at four years old. Occasional places may become available higher up the school. Please call the school office if you are interested in a place for an older child.

Q. How many children do you take into Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten?

A. We have up to 21 places available for Pre-Kindergarten children and a further 3 places available for new children in Kindergarten each year.

Q. Is Pre-Kindergarten full time? Does it offer extended care into the evening for working parents?

A. Pre-Kindergarten runs from 8.45am to 12.05pm every day. Additionally, we offer children the opportunity to stay for the afternoon sessions also.The children will have a hot lunch and storytime, followed by afternoon activities and will finish at 3.25pm. Parents choosing this service can select whether to book afternoon sessions every day or on selected days only.

Q. Do you have after school clubs?

A. There is a wide range of after school clubs; typically they run from 3.30pm to 4.45/5pm each day. After school care is available for children in Kindergarten and above and operates until 6pm Monday to Thursday.

Q. Do you have Holiday care?

We run a one week Easter school and a two week Summer school which can be booked on a full day or morning/afternoon session basis.

Q. Do you offer hot school lunches?

Yes. We have an excellent school chef who prepares a healthy selection of hot and cold fresh food every day.  We are a nut-free school, and cater for children with food allergies.