Year 5


Pupils are willing and ready to take on greater challenges and responsibilities in Year 5. Their academic work is firmly focused on preparation for the demands of senior school examinations in Year 6, while they have the fun and excitement of playing a leading role in many areas of school life, from external and internal sports teams to art, music, drama and House activities. The Year 5 children study the full range of subjects on offer at Broomfield, with progress towards an independent and confident approach to academic work. As the prospect of senior school examinations approaches, we aim to ensure the children are well prepared while increasing their interest in a broad range of general subjects and fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

The children take two sets of age-moderated standardised tests in the year covering mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Parents are offered individual discussions with the Head teacher and the Years 5 and 6 teachers in the autumn and summer terms to discuss the results of these tests with a view to preparing the children for the schools that suit them best. Regular homework is an important part of the learning process in Year 5 as it serves to help the children realise their potential in what is a demanding academic year. The Year 5 teaching assistant works closely with the class teacher supporting the children through the year.


The school's high standards in English can often blossom as Year 5 pupils develop over the year. The children's understanding of how to use language as an effective and imaginative means of communication matures considerably. Reading is heard regularly in class, including class readers such as Carrie’s War. The children's reading should still be supported by parents at home as often as possible. Grammar and comprehension studies advance considerably during the year. Comprehension work focuses on finding hidden answers by developing the children's ability to infer and deduce. They also evaluate arguments or ideas suggested by texts, drawing on their own experiences, knowledge or values. Whole class discussions and debates deepen the children's interest in current issues in the world around them. Age-related spellings, in line with the 2014 National Curriculum, are learned and tested regularly and reasoning, both verbal and non verbal, is practised and developed throughout the year.


Year 5 Mathematics, the syllabus aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum, develops the children's existing abilities in the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), and extends their learning in the areas of numeracy, measures, shape and space and handling data. The aim is to prepare the children for the senior school examinations in Year 6, and encourage their ability to solve increasingly complex mathematical problems using their own independent knowledge and understanding of basic concepts.


In French, the children progress onto a new textbook that combines an oral immersion in the language with a clear grammatical progression as well as comprehension, listening, reading and writing. The pupils use the books, CDs and exercises to develop a more advanced vocabulary and an enhanced confidence in speaking and aural comprehension.

History and Geography

The Year 5 History syllabus focuses on the Tudors, including the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, as well as Children in the Second World War which links in with the Year 5 class novel, Carrie’s War. In Geography, the children usually study the following topics: water, some global location, climate zones, natural disasters and a seaside resort, developing their map work and research skills in the process.


In Year 5, the children develop their scientific skills and understanding whilst studying a range of stimulating topics including: keeping healthy; sound; the Earth and beyond; the life cycle of a flowering plant. The children are now at an age where they are able to plan and carry out investigations more independently and benefit from the School's fully-equipped Science Room (the Green Room).


During art lessons in Year 5, the children refine the use of art techniques and continue to explore a variety of materials. In different projects, pupils are introduced to basic watercolour painting, learn about colour contrasts and look at printing techniques and textile collage. They also develop their ability to express ideas in illustration work and study portrait drawing linked to Year 5 History lessons on Tudor monarchs. The children's artwork is displayed around the School and is also entered in various art competitions.

Music and Drama

Music, drama and ICT are all taught by our specialist staff. In music, children learn about the instruments of the orchestra and individuals who learn orchestral instruments are asked to talk about how they are played and demonstrate them to the rest of the class. The children sing increasingly challenging rounds and part-songs, and are encouraged to sing with excellent intonation and a lovely tone. Many Year 5 pupils audition for Chamber Choir and are accepted into this small group which stretches the children and demands a very high standard of singing. Many Year 5 pupils learn one or more of a wide variety of musical instruments available within school. Lessons are currently offered in piano, violin, mini-bass, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and clarinet. In the summer term, many children sit Trinity College of Music examinations on their instruments. Children are given many performance opportunities throughout the school year including the Senior Carol Service, Senior Instrumental Concert and the Senior Play. Our drama activities build the children's confidence in voice production, public speaking and performance, with many plays and poems learned for school assemblies as well as school productions. In addition, many senior pupils take English Speaking Board examinations at school which prepare them well for their senior school interviews as well as their general ability to present talks and discussions on a wide range of topics.


In ICT the children extend their understanding of multi media. They learn to use ICT in order to develop ideas and solve problems. They generate and amend work and present, share and exchange their ideas with others. This is done using a range of software, including Kar2ouche, Excel and Publisher.


Year 5 children participate in sports three times a week. In PE they enhance their abilities, with many children achieving BAGA awards. In swimming, the children progress in swimming with style both in different strokes and for greater distances, often with appropriate swimming awards as a sign of their excellence. The Year 5 children compete in school teams, in school House competitions and in external matches. In particular Year 5 children successfully compete in our successful school swimming team. In their weekly Games lessons, the children are coached in team sports - football and cricket for the boys, netball and rounders for the girls with athletics for everyone in the summer term. Other sports, for example rugby, are also played.


Class trips vary from year to year in Year 5 but usually include visits to Hampton Court Palace, Brighton and the Imperial War Museum.

To help the children's development, we ask parents to read at home regularly with the children, particularly supporting them in reading from the school recommended list of literature. With reading, we hope parents will spend time discussing the content of the books being read by their children to stretch their comprehension of the text. Additionally, parents' support in learning and reinforcing knowledge of times tables is most welcome.

The Year 5 teacher and the head teacher are available for parents to discuss their children's academic progress and future schooling throughout the year and to aid that decision process as much as possible. The Year 5 classroom is located on the 1st floor of the Victorian building, near the front door and the Green Room.